whoa look at this thing

I did a thing for a comic I made a few months back

Gavin Free

Enderman Hunter

Minecraft Let’s Play #99

Does anyone know what RT’s new adress is? I want to send things OvO

Anonymous sent: congrats on your team gents art being on the new AHWU wall!

Aw thank you QwQ

So I started at episode 3 now episode 100 is next week. Oh what a long way we’ve all come. Sooo excited for next week amirite


Message me or e-mail me at if you want one UuU

Anonymous sent: I have a question and I know it might not be definite but will you be coming back to UBcon next year? If you do I'd be really happy to buy from you again!!

QwQ Yeah I’ve been going for about 4 years now and I don’t expect to stop. I’m glad you got something from me and I hope you had fun while you were there.

Anonymous sent: I really like your style and I really wish I had one like yours. ((AHHH I'M SORRY.))

ahhh don’t be sorry

My friend from knithappenssewwhat made these lovely dolls of the ah crew at the con I’m attending and she and I will be at ub con in the weekend of the 11th of April.

Anonymous sent: Are you alright with people using your art for reaction icons for roleplaying? I know there's a few people out there who've been wondering, and it'd be awesome if we knew what your boundaries were!

Yeah that’s fine people can use my designs online for things however they like as long as they give me credit for them in a visible way