I drew the lads as ponies a while back and never posted it 


i suppose this can go on this blog too


Yo imma be at this in March sellin’ stuff, it’s heck cool and stuff. You should come to Daemen College and buy stuff from my sister and I.

Ye ye, I’ll be there later this year.

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Wolf Wizard | Tapastic


ey my thing

people who have a tapastic my comic is here

Anonymous sent: What song was that in your video?

Everybody wants to rule the world by lorde

Anonymous sent: can i say i really love your art (also i found out about you on youtube) have a fantastic day!

Aw thanks UuU youre so sweet

Anonymous sent: Is your wip thing a music video ?


Anonymous sent: Whoawhoawhoa! That's super cool despite being a WIP!

Tanks UuU


So here’s a little wip of the thing I hope to get it done before the weekend cause ill be at MAssive lan this weekend anyway enjoy half of the video sketched out

I think this is my favorite sketch of the secret thing 

hon hon hon hon

My designs of Ryan’s crown and Edgar for something I’m gonna try to do. Expect lots of WIPs from it

Edgar is very Jersey Devil inspired